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Cives is the Latin term for citizens; Solutions, the state of being solved. CivesSolutions. 

More than 15 years of intensive research have formed the basis for the development of the Distributed Citizen Participation (DCP). The basic idea of ​​the model is cooperation. It assumes that complex issues can be addressed more effectively and creatively, as more people is involved in the decision-making and solution-making processes, following the specific methodology of DCP. 

How can one imagine the constantly changing exchange in a model like the DCP? This is where the Liquide Collaboration Network (RLC) comes into play.

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About us


What motivates us is to generate spaces for innovation for people, allowing them to strengthen their civic identity and provide them with new tools that allow them to design and develop the cities where they want to live, in the present and in the future.

Our Vision


To form a society capable of generating sustainable and real solutions, which facilitates a greater innovation in the cities and greater citizen satisfaction in real time. In other words, to promote democratic innovation tools that increase citizen inter-relationship for a better quality of life. 

Our Mission


To form a society capable of generating intelligent and sustainable solutions that facilitate a greater process of innovation in smart cities and greater citizen satisfaction in real time.

The reasons lie in the future



The Liquid Networks of Cooperation (LNC) offers the opportunity to integrate citizens meaningfully into the debate in order to enable a much wider range of development potential.



Strategic planning of smart governance is achieved through the use of strategic collaborative processes in which organized collaborative networks make successful decisions making process in real time.



Promote active participation in areas where citizens can significantly increase economic activity.




We advise and support in technical aspects such as: 

Project Management, Smart Citizen Participation Activities, Smart Government and Sustainable Administrative Management, Public Services Process Optimization, technically based on the IoT, IoS and IoP.

Project development


We design projects using state-of-the-art technology tools and techniques, in favor of the Smart City: development of public and private financing proposals, planning of roadmap, implementation and validation. In addition, we promote the design of projects by experts in tune with citizens, to analyze the feasibility of the proposals, their implementation and monitoring in the faithful compliance of the project.

Citizen participation


Smart Participation Activities, based on new technologies, and new form of Citizen Participation 4.0, where citizens, municipalities and non-governmental institutions exchange and develop solutions from their own perspective and autonomy, freedom and communication in a continuous process of interaction.



We provide practical and theoretical training tools for the effective development of Smart Education.

The training program allows participants to improve and encourage, in an efficient way, the use of technical tools for the establishment of emerging urban strategies through technology, it allows the inhabitants of a community to be involved in the sustainable development of their city.



The CivesSolutions team analyzes and permanently studies the development of Smart Cities in the world. 

Thorough observations it is linked the politics, citizenship, the city, the environment aspects and the use of technologies. With this we seek to identify those elements that facilitate the creation of a true smart city.

Academic Education


Smart City Professional Academy® provides a new methodology based on Smart Education and also provides new ways of thinking about the future life in smart cities, in particular social cohesion, the dissemination of knowledge, creativity, innovation in science, technology, social inclusion, environmental conservation, as well as the welfare and safety of communities. 

Smart City Professional Academy

Diploma in SmartCity Berlin, June 03 - 07 2019


Smart Government Diplomatura Oct - 2018

Smart Law Certification May - 2018

Smart Participation

Smart City

Legal hackathon at the University of Buenos Aires

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